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Motorised Potentiometer

Rear Connection Scheme


Standard Features:
  • Use of 100% Electrical and Mechanical angle of rotation i.e. from zero to full Resistance Value of Potentiometer.
  • Reliable Electronic circuit prevents Mechanical damage to Potentiometer at extreme end position,
  • Unambiguous Up/Down operations,
  • Overload sensing circuit activates upon very fast inching of Potentiometer, prevents damage,
  • Optional Potentiometer wattage 2, 3 or 5 Watt for ten turns, 1.5 Watt for five turns and 1 or 1.5 Watts for three turns or as per specific requirement,
  • Multiple number of potentiometers can be fitted to operate with one motor,
  • Resistance values of potentiometer from 100 to 50K Ohm,
  • Standard travel time 30-90 Seconds for ten turns (Model VSMP-10), optional as per specific requirement,
  • Standard travel time 20/60 Seconds for ten turns (Model MAP-103), optional as per specific requirement,
  • Five LED's on front panel for Power, Motor ON operation and Extreme Up/Down end position indication,
  • Digital read out in % or wiper position or resistance values (Optional), Model ..............DD,
  • Wall mouting version, Model .........WM
  • Remote connections for Auxiliary supply, Remote Up/Down switches, (potential free) potentiometers and relay connections,
  • Relay with one NC and one NO (Potential free) of 0.6 amp @ 125 VAC or 2 amp @ 30 VDC or 0.6 amp @ 110 VDC operates on pot reaching end position & tripping off motor,
  • Auxiliary supply : 12 VDC, 24 VDC, 110 VAC or 230 VAC (Any one)
  • Standard packaging 96x96x150 mm panel mounting plastic cabinet (Up to 2 pots & 3 watt Ratting), panel or inside wall mounting enclosures.
Ordering Information :
  • Model No., Auxillary Supply Voltage
  • Potentiometer Resistance Values & Power Ratings
  • Travel Time, Mounting (panel door or inside wall) Mounting

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