Products / Electronic Hooter
    Model : HE 96
    Features :
  • Solid-State Electronic Hooter 2/3 Watts Rms. With variable Tone and Volume Control.
  • Single Variable Tone Output Frequency Range from300 Hz to 1000 Hz.
  • Sound Pressure Level at the Distance of One Meter at Full Volume 95 dBA Rms.
  • The units are stand alone OPTG. on 110V/ 230V AC 50 Hz or 12V/ 24V DC in flush rear panel mount.
  • Power Consumption : at full volume 350mA.
  • All Controls are accessible from rear
  • Hooters are housed in Din-Standard 96mm X96mm Cabinet, and available in Plastic or Metal(M.S.Sheet) in Black or Grey Colours, with suitable pair of mounting clamps.
  • Panel Cut-Out (92mm X 92mm)
  • Weight of Unit 500 gms. (110/220v) 350 gms 12/24v)

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