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   Toggle Switch 6, 10 and 15 Ampere / 250 V AC  Toggle Switch 6 Ampere SPDT
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These Toggle are available in 6,10 and 15 Miniature
Toggle Switch DPDT. 727-22 Amprers and with terminations
ike Solder, Screw and Quick l Connect they are available in single Double, Triple and Four Pole variants with different
operating positions.
Same design also available in 10 and 15 Ampere
rating at 250 V AC. Different terminations : Solder, Quick Connect
and Screw type
   Toggle Switch  713-11N SPST   Toggle Switch 713 Series DPDT
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SPST Switch rating 4.5 Amperes
713-11N ( Blue Knob)
713-11B ( Black Knob)
713-11R ( Red Knob)
713-11G ( Green Knob)
713-11Y ( Yellow Knob)

DPDT 713-22R
Available in Black, Red, Green, Yellow and Blue colored knobs Rating 4.5 Amperes at 250 V AC

   Toggle Switch 726 Series Mini Toggle Switch Series 727
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Triple and Four Poles in 6/10/15 Ampere ratings

Also available in SPDT version.
With Metal knob and with a rubber cap in different colors.
Rating 3 Amperes at 250 V AC

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