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Established in 1976 our experience in the electronics components distribution gives a unique edge to our customers whose 90% of the electronics on the PCB are covered by us,thus reducing thus reducing customer’s overhead for sourcing from several vendors. Over 5000 satisfied clients across India we are located in the heart of the electronics market in Mumbai enabling us to facilitate prompt services even for overnight deliveries. We offer customers with their custom requirements of lead length, pitch size, sorting for better tolerance, manufacturing components to suit their design through our excellent relations with the overseas and the local manufacturer’sOur huge inventory enables customers to have a zero wait time for deliveries and they can manage better with their stores with the use of our excellent logistics across India.Facilitating urgent needs and immediate deliveries is our key strength. Customers froms different sectors from Govt.Organization to EMS companies trust us for their complete component schedules with 100% reliability and genuinity. Our policy is to give only original and sealed goods from respective foreign or local brands enabling cent percent QC pass certificate for inward components.

Our retail showroom also enables customers to have hands on experience for different products with the touch and feel concept before buying. Our technical staff is also capable to suggest alternative economic solutions which is either equal to or better than the existing component. We are confident to give 100% satisfaction to our customers with our infrastructure, well qualified staff and deliveries across India.

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